Tuesday, January 18, 2005

aBoUt mI...

i hate to come to skool because i come to skoool sure got trouble wan not fighting then is playing everytime prefect only know how to complain only ..they only tink about them only like f*** sia ...complain king and queen then u ask mi wat teacher i hate i tell u got many m* *** ,M*** *** they only know how to scold people only sia they tink they veri big f*** they nothing only wan to scold people sia ...they never check the case propely they malign us for everything just b because we have bad records.. ai ya don say liao lah ..

bye bye*_*

Sunday, January 02, 2005

aBoUt mE...

ThIs iS tHe FiRsT TiMe i Am DOinG A bLog.A1L ThE BlOg ThAt i Use To dO ArE dOnE By hAnD sO u AsK Me How i fEeL ..i Am A lItTlE bIt LosT cAuSe i DoN kNoW HoW To dO.AbOuT mI... i LiKe To pLaY sOcCeR AnD bb nOt The uNiFoRm GrOuP...Haha. tHiS pErSoN i hAtE iS **** ***sHe Is uNrEaSoNaBlE ,gUaI lAn aNd vErI SiA lAn aNyWaY DoN tOk aBoUt ThiS peRSon lIaO..I wIlL StOp wRiTiNg Now... iF U WaN To KnoW mOrE aBoUt mI mY e MaIl www.jason_23@hotmail.com